A jungle?, Örebro?, A sea?, Georgetown?, Zebra crossing?, Gaza?. There or here...


In an apparently clean era, complete with citizens proud to belong to this organized community called estate, emerge a man, a woman, and another man and another woman who narrate their past, present and future. Crooked with anguish, suspect to live in a forced resurrection filled with regret… Children that pull back the curtain, daring to uncover the most torturous nooks of this world, beginning a violent path towards nowhere and even questioning our existence. Citizens? That is the question.


In Citizens?, the audience will find itself immersed in an evocative place, cryptic and terribly close by. So alive that the public won’t be able to escape its obligation…To choose.




Idea and stage director, Juan Diego Calzada

Creation and interpretation,

Nazario Díaz · Ursula Gutiérrez · Elizabeth Zapata · Juan Diego Calzada

Special collaboration,

Yerai Ariza · Manolo López · Javi Ramírez · Andrea Moreno · Lourdes Ríos · Amelia Gutiérrez · Katherine Álvarez · Christian David Arroyo · Janeth Nolivos · Rocío Andrade · Isabel Serrano · Diego González

Set design and costume, Vértebro

Lighting, Ángela López

Sound space, Montse Melchor Molina · Vértebro

Duration, 120 minutes