cycle of pilgrimages# · 2016-2017


The Pilgrimages# we propose serve as a preamble to Diptych for Identity, as well as to the concept of permeable identity; it is a collective exercise of building and imagination by which we try to inform about new identities, to give them visibility and approach them to the mainstream. Sunflower seeds, jAMBOREE or Folklore are specific, fleeting contexts by which we relate specific communities to the ideas or materials extracted from the Diptych for Identity project, being experience, enjoyment and checking our immediate goals.



Pipas · alanís de la sierra. colectivo arriero. abril 2016


Pipas (Sunflower seeds) is a site-specific action that was developed in Alanís de la Sierra, after being invited by Arriero collective. Immersed with other artists in Seville’s Holy Week, we collected witness statements and performative materials, nourished by the rural and religious context, permanently into direct contact with its inhabitants. The audios, interviews and the actions focused on the pagan within the sacred –fruit of ideas intimately connected with identity-, resulted in a pilgrimage to the local Saint John’s shrine.
































jUERGA · córdoba. junio 2016


jUERGA (jAMBOREE) is an action that moves from urban areas in the city of Cordoba to the rural atmosphere of the northern highlands. jUERGA is a transit through a defined structure, a kind of performative pilgrimage which consists of a traveling prologue and three special sessions of dance music, as well as other audio documents. It touches upon identity concepts related to the tribe, gender, faith and sexuality. jUERGA is designed to be lived from a crowd perspective and the feeling of mood exaltation in community.































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