DIPTYCH FOR IDENTITY 2017 [work in progress]

Diptych for Identity involves a particular research carried out since 2013 on issues of gender and identity. Our main purpose with this piece is to propose a context of thought and action able to offer, through artistic and dissident political practices, concepts permeable to identity.


The idea that our identity is not something inherent that exists just because -but it is imagined, invented and represented-, prevails throughout the two scenic devices confronted in the diptych: Dios tiene vagina (God has vagina), more of a concert, linked with rituals and folklore, and Comerme las flores (Eat all of my flowers), closer to a conference and related to politics or activism.




Idea and stage director, Juan Diego Calzada

Creation and interpretation, Ángela López · Nazario Díaz · Juan Diego Calzada




Festivals: Embrions · Escena Poblenou, G.R.U.A. · TNT Terrassa Noves Tendències


Residences: La Fragua, Artist Residency (Córdoba), L´Estruch · Fràbrica de creació de les arts en viu (Barcelona).




ciclo de las peregrinaciones# · 2016-2017

#Pipas, #jUERGA, #Folklor, #Pregón, #Sipote


cycle pilgrimages# · 2016-2017

#Sunflower seeds, #jAMBOREE, #Folklore, #Proclamation, #Glans