GOLD  2015

Oro (Gold) is a language search process conducted with Jorge Gallardo, who created it when living both in Poland and in Spain. We present it as a performative structure, a sort of autobiography or biofiction, and it shows itself in different ways, depending on the context. Some of the ideas that we have used to elaborate the various materials forming the piece, are, among others: the creative crisis of the artist, contemporary creation, the meaning and value of art in the twenty-first century, the privilege of living in Europe, the reality of being able to chose, death...


Gold raises the possibility of updating the body and the thought, word and desire. Circumstances are essential to the creation of a climate favourable to dialogue, which is the very core of the interpreter work (who displays the shapes of his body to offer them up in an present act). Gold is the story of a man who is willing to go wherever to find the purest way of connecting with the world. HIs body does not act as a metaphor; it represents no one, it does not speak about human beings. The body transcends its realization through the offertory of one of its parts, which insists on being burned. The body is the oxygen that allows the burning of the scene pests. Insist. Burn. Transcend.


These are some of the formats through which Gold shows itself: Atonement rituals of a subtle character, Dialogued session work on the performative action in Gold and its aesthetic and ideological projections. Spurred by artist residency at the Center of Arts of Seville in October 2014. With Jorge Gallardo and Nazario Diaz. and Transforming my daily life in pursuit of gold search, Gold’s domestic version, whose performative structure is intended just for a few spectators in each session. This allows the creation of a special fieldwork, a kind of open rehearsal, halfway between attending the event and experiencing the practice.







Creation and interpretation, Nazario Díaz

Artistic catalyst, Jorge Gallardo

Assistant process, Luis Odriozola

Plastic and sound concept, Nazario Díaz

Lighting, Ángela López · Ana Rovira

Graphic design, Juan Diego Calzada

Duration, 75 minutes



Festivals: TNT Terrassa Noves Tendències (Catalonia), inTACTO Vitoria (Basque Country), AltVIGO (Galicia).


Residences: Fundacja Sopot Centralny (Willa FSC, Sopot, Poland), Centrum Kultury w Lublinie con el apoyo de neTTheater · Teatr w Sieci Powiązań (Lublin, Poland), Centro de las Artes de Sevilla, Laboratorio de Artes en Vivo, Leal.Lav (La Laguna, Tenerife) y Graner, centro de creación del cuerpo y el movimiento (Barcelona).


In collaboration with de la Delegación de Cultura de la Diputación de Córdoba.